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Partners in Performance Excellence is here to support your excellence journey through each step of the way.  Choose the options that best meets your needs and budget.  For more information on any of the offerings below, please contact us.


 PiPEx Award for Performance Excellence

  • This rigorous application and performance assessment process is based on the proven Baldrige principles for performance excellence.  It provides applicants with an extensive written feedback report on their strengths and opportunities for improvement, thoughts on how to move to the next stage of excellence, and with prestigious recognition at the Platinum, Gold and Silver levels.
  • The modest pricing makes this review by a team of expert Examiners one of the best values in business today.
  • Each applicant receives a personal site visit from the examining team.  The number of site visit days and the number of Examiners depends on applicant size and other factors.
  • This award process has an annual cycle, with statements of intent to apply generally due in March, full applications due in April or May, site visits during summer, and the awards presented in late fall.
  • Recipients of the award will receive a trophy as well as recognition on the PiPEx website and can mention the award in their marketing materials.


Application fee varies according to the size of applicant  


  • $3,500 plus travel fees for those fewer than 100 employees (Small)
  • $4,500 plus travel fees for those with 100 to 499 employees (Medium)
  • $5,500 plus travel fees for those with 500 or more employees  (Large)

 PiPEx Award for Process Excellence

  • This award focuses on a single process rather than the overall performance excellence of the applicant and is, therefore, much simpler to apply for.
  • Organizations can submit a written application at any time of year describing the process that they are proud of and will receive a through written assessment as well as an examination visit by a small team of examiners.
  • Organizations that win this award are recognized on the PiPEx website and can mention the award in their marketing materials.

Application Fee:

$2,000 plus travel fees regardless of the size of the organization.

PiPEx Recognition for Commitment to Performance Excellence

  • This recognition is given for an organization that commits to performance excellence improvement and goes through a review process by trained examiners.

  • Organizations can submit their organizational profile and application materials at any time of year. 

  • They will receive a review, ending with a site visit by 1-2 PiPEx representatives to discuss their accomplishments and next steps..
  • Organizations that are recognized will be mentioned on the PiPEx website and can mention the award in their marketing materials.

Application Fee:

$1,000 plus travel fees regardless of the size of the organization.


PiPEx Assisted Performance Excellence Self-Assessment

  • This is a simple yet thorough and anonymous on-line survey for leaders and/or employees of an organization that wants to quickly understand its strengths and opportunities for performance excellence.   It enables an organization to accomplish a high-level prioritization of where they might best spend scarce improvement resources.
  • Organizations work with PiPEx to identify who should participate in the survey.  Then PiPEx administers the survey to assure anonymity and provides a written feedback report to the organization.  A PiPEx leader personally presents and discusses the results.
  • This service is available at any time during the year.


$1,250 plus travel fees for up to 40 people taking the survey

PiPEx Training Series

  • Organizations can choose from a variety of topics for this personalized, on-site, half-day training program.
  • Topics include:  Communication, customer intimacy, leadership, measurement and analysis, new product development, workforce engagement, process management and strategic planning.
  • Available at any time during the year.
  • For more information see our Training page.

Cost per module:

Typically $1,750 plus travel fees

PiPEx Personalized Consulting

  • Our customized consulting service guides organizations in applying Baldrige-based best practices in their daily work and management processes.  This is especially valuable for organizations that want to develop needed in-house expertise.
  • The work is provided by Baldrige-trained consultants who have a connection to PiPEx.
  • Cost depends on the magnitude of the consulting and is typically at or below typical market rates.

Pricing and proposals are available on request.

PiPEx Examiner Training and Skill Building

  • Individuals and organizations that want to gain a deep understanding of the power of the Baldrige performance excellence principles and systems, as well as observing best practices in action, can become Examiners.
  • Examiners receive rigorous classroom training (usually 2.5 to 3 days) and then participate in examining organizations that apply for the PiPEx Performance Excellence Award, the Process Excellence Award, or the Commitment to Excellence Recognition.
  • Examiners may also deliver the ACES training modules and/or to be part of a consulting team.
  • Examiners must apply in the spring each year, go through training (usually in June), review award applicants in the summer and go on the site visits – a process that can require up to 150 hours.
  • In return for their efforts, Examiners receive extensive experience applying the Baldrige criteria to organizational systems, making them an invaluable asset (perhaps as a catalyst) to any organization that wants to improve their organizations’ performance.  Many say they learn as much as they did in two years of MBA training. 
  • For more information, see the Examiner Information page.


$495 per person

PiPEx Application Writing Workshops

Developing an application for the Partners in Performance Excellence awards program is a significant undertaking for any organization. Whether your organization is writing its first application, or continuing on its journey toward performance excellence, this workshop will provide a wide range of useful information, including tips for writing the application to the Criteria, a discussion of how award levels are determined and insight into what to expect during a site visit.  


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