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LCR Receives ASPCA Grant to Attend Equine Welfare Workshop!

November 2015 Last Chance Ranch staff members were able to attend an Equine Welfare Workshop presented by the ASPCA. The topics of the workshop explored grant opportunities, disasterous preparation, emergency relief funds, horse slaughter in the U.S. and more! We were so grateful to be part of such a wonderful learning opportunity.

LCR Receives ASPCA Grant to Fund Expansion!

April of 2015 Last Chance Ranch received approval for a matching grant of $10,000 from the ASPCA to aid with our current expansion process! The grant for "Equine Facility Expansion" aligned perfectly with our 5-Phase Expansion that began in early 2015. These funds went directly to the construction of our Agricultural building, which will be able to house 12 additional horses and allow for all weather training and exercise. Thank you so much to the ASPCA!


Click here for the official ASPCA Publication!

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Please Help LCR Give "Angel" Back Her Wings!

As many of you know, Last Chance Ranch saves most of its dogs from high-kill shelters. Our goal is to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Re-home. However, in some cases, we also bring in the occasional sick animal that has no hope left due to age or severe illness and offer them a few hours or days of affection, nurturing, comfort and the feeling that they ARE loved and cared for.

LCR Founder Lori McCutcheon saw an alert from Animal Care and Control about a sweet little Maltese with a very bleak and extremely short future.

This little angel was tossed out of a moving car, landing on the side of the road. As the car sped off, a passerby ran over to retrieve her before she could roll into oncoming traffic. This Good Samaritan took her to ACCT for care. After a preliminary exam it was determined that this sweet dog was paralyzed in her hind legs - probably the reason for her heartless and cruel disposal.

The thought of her being euthanized without anyone being with her was more than Lori could imagine. She immediately decided to bring the Maltese back to LCR, give her the love she desperately needed and help her cross the Rainbow Bridge surrounded by people who cared.

Then something interesting happened...everyone fell in love with her.

Her sweet demeanor, happy disposition (despite her predicament) and fighting spirit gave LCR volunteers and staff the determination to help this "Angel" get back on her feet and, hopefully, into a loving forever home!

Lori noticed there appeared to be some movement in Angel's back legs and, with nothing to lose and everything to gain, we began to work with her.

Although Angel is literally taking 'baby steps' toward her recovery, she still has a long and very expensive path of rehabilitation ahead of her.
(Please see video)

If you'd like to help LCR give Angel back her wings, please email us or call us at 215-538-2510 or click here for more information on how to donate.

Remember: All donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your help!

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 Best Charity for 2015

Thank you so much for voting for Last Chance Ranch in the 2015 Everything Bucks contest. Because of your support we're proud to announce that we were named Best Charity for 2015! Your efforts and donations will go a long way to ensure that we will continue to rescue a record number of unwanted animals in 2015!




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LCR Featured In Lehigh Valley Magazine


Be sure to pick up a copy of the May/June issue of Lehigh Valley Magazine for a wonderful in-depth look at Last Chance Ranch!



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Vicious Case of Abuse With a Surprise Ending!

In late December of 2014, LCR was called in by ACCT in Philadelphia to help with a severely injured pot-bellied pig. It's likely that someone unsuccessfully tried to use her for Christmas dinner by attempting to decapitate her. We brought her into LCR and began treating her substantial injuries. Despite the tremendous pain she was in, Cheesedoodle, was a sweet and trusting (still!), house-trained sweetheart who quickly became a kennel favorite with our volunteers and media: Abused pet pig, left for dead, gets new lease on life in Quakertown (WFMZ 69)


Then on January 24th, 2015, Cheesedoodle gave staff and volunteers a huge thank you (and surprise!) by delivering 4adorable piglets! We promptly named Cheesedoodle's new "snack pack" Triscuit, Chip, Pringle and Chex! Mother and babies have since been adopted!

Check out the latest story: Severely abused pet pig that narrowly escaped death is now a mom (WFMZ)


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Current Newsletter - January/February 2015


Please click here to view full LCR Newsletter


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What Farm Animals Make Good Pets?  As seen on  


Horses, goats, pigs and chickens, oh my! Many other animals besides dogs and cats find their way into shelters and rescues each year. Last Chance Ranch located in Quakertown, Pennsylvania accepts on average about 200 farm animals each year. They arrive into our care for reasons varying from severe neglect and cost of care, to local zoning ordinances not allowing these types of animals. Many farm animals are euthanized in county Animal Control Facilities and Shelters simply because they do not have adequate housing or staff trained to handle and care for animals other than dogs and cats.


We have depended on farm animals for centuries as a means for transportation, as a food source and even for companionship. While the city of Philadelphia does have ordinances prohibiting the housing of livestock in most of the city and other areas because they require at least 3 acres of land, the city does not view horses as livestock. While we do not recommend housing a horse in a warehouse or vacant lot, there are many boarding stables in and around the city with access to trails in several of the city’s parks. Philadelphia’s surrounding counties of Bucks, Delaware and Chester are more rural areas that still have a lot of farming and zoning for agriculture. We do still recommend that you check with your local town or township before you decide to adopt, but many do allow different types of livestock even on small lots of land.  Read more.....


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LCR Is Expanding!



We wish to thank everyone who has donated, adopted and volunteered to help Last Chance Ranch grow to what it is today. Our kennel has been completed, but our space is limited. With the growing need for our life-saving services, education seminars and clinics, LCR has used up every inch of space to help rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abused and neglected animals(including horses, dogs, cats, farm animals and small companion animals). Early 2015, we received the final go-ahead to begin our 5-Phase Agriculture and Education Center Expansion Project! This is a million dollar project that will allow everyone of all ages and abilities to interact and become an integral part of LCR's animal rescue family.


The expansion includes, but is not limited to, Meet and Greet rooms for potential adopters to get to know their new 'family member' in a comfortable atmosphere, our own Surgical Suite for in-house veterinary care, small animal areas strategically built into the walls, a large covered building for evaluating. training and teaching volunteers about the animals we care for, along with 3 large seminar rooms for all-weather training of dogs, horses, seminars and clinics.


Click here for Full Business Plan






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LRC Partners with Local Mounted Patrols


Last Chance Ranch began as a non-profit horse rescue in 1999. Since that time we have grown and changed in many ways to help animals in need. We have found the best way to help more animals is to partner with other organizations to achieve a common goal. Last Chance Ranch wishes to develop a new program in an effort to save more horses from uncertain fates, as well as provide a service to the community.


Last Chance Ranch is proud to partner with Local Mounted Patrol Units including Baltimore and Philadelphia to help save more horses and provide a service to the public. We currently have two horses serving Baltimore and four horses serving Philly. We hope to continue providing horses to mounted patrol units across the United States. For more information regarding this program, please contact Lori.




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