Last Chance Ranch

The Beginning...


"Sinner" (Show Name "Chancing It") started it all...from the first day I saw  him. He was sick and in need of TLC. Sinner was the first horse I saved ... he was a magnificent 16.2 hand black beauty! He had foundered and was not able to be ridden. After more than one year of ups and downs, his owner said he wasn't going to give him any more time to heal. Sinner was to leave that day on a truck headed for the auction and probably the meat market when my parents bought him for me. It took time, money and a lot of care, but he was worth it. In return, Sinner gave me almost 20 years of memories...showing, giving lessons, trail riding, teaching the handicapped…we even went to college together. We vacationed together...he was part of the family...but most of all, he was my best friend!


Sinner eventually developed Navicular. Through many different remedies and treatments we kept him comfortable for years. Sadly he could endure no more, his feet gave up on him, and we had to make the difficult decision to let him go. He rests in peace now with his memories and his good deeds to live on forever.

Lori McCutcheon

 Our Founder


Lori McCutcheon graduated from Delaware Valley College in 1988 with a BS degree in Animal Science/Husbandry. Working along the way in many aspects of animal care from veterinary clinics to rehab facilities, to stable hand and training of all types of horses.


In 1989, with the help of her parents, Lori moved to 9 Beck Road, Quakertown, PA, where she runs LCR full time (24/7) and raises three children as a single parent.


LCR was formed as a for-profit in 1989 with lessons, boarding, rehabilitation, and training and changed to a not-for-profit in 1999. LCR would not be what it is today without the help of its dedicated volunteers and sponsors.



Mission Statement

Last Chance Ranch Animal Rescue (LCR) is a public volunteer, non-profit (501c3) organization rescuing and rehabilitating horses and domestic companion animals. Last Chance Ranch Animal Rescue is dedicated to promoting and educating the public to humane and responsible treatment of horses, ponies, donkeys, and mules (equines) and other domestic companion animals including dogs and cats. LCR provides a safe and secure refuge for abused, unwanted or neglected animals and has a new facility that can be used for temporary housing for any species in the event of a disaster. LCR rehabilitates the physical and psychological issues of these rescued animals and places them into new homes where they receive the love, attention and care they deserve. Our follow-up programs, education seminars and clinics ensure their continued wellbeing. LCR is also partnered with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, ASPCA and the United States Humane Society throughout the USA.



Board of Directors

The LCR Board of Directors meet once a month. The objectives of the meetings are to review the daily operations of LCR, to make recommendations, to prioritize expenditures, review financial records, and develop fundraisers. All Board members must be at least 18 years of age and possess the required knowledge and/or technical skills to meet the responsibilities of their positions. The Board members, must vote (majority rules) on new Board members or members who wish to renew their positions to office. Term of office will be for one year.
The current Board of Directors includes the following people:
Lori McCutcheon - President and Founder
Barbara Maroney - Secretary

Larry Cerami

Shanley Benetz

AnnMarie Petitto-Thomas

Jackie Burke
For discussion items that do not have a consensus agreement, there will be a general vote by the Board of Directors to decide relevant issues. Each Board member has one vote.


Last Chance Ranch has a dedicated staff to manage all areas of operation:

Lori McCutcheon - Founder/CEO/Humane Investigations Officer
Barbara Maroney - Programs Manager

Stephanie Lorenz - Barn/Projects Manager

AnnMarie Petitto-Thomas - Kennel Manager/Media

Emily Monsen - Adoption/Office Coordinator

Jackie Burke - Equine Health Manager/Fundraising Coordinator

Arlene Brennan - Bookkeeper


Disclaimer & Legal Info
Last Chance Ranch Animal Rescue (LCR) has rescued hundreds of animals and saved many from euthanasia or slaughter. Some have needed special care and veterinary help. Many need TLC, rehabilitation, and sometimes all they need is time - time to heal - more time than their former owners were willing to give. LCR provides vet care, farrier care, dentistry, nourishing foods, rest, and most importantly, lots of love. Our animals have gone on to enjoy new and improved lives in loving Forever Homes with their adoptive owners. LCR is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of equine, companion, and small farm animals.


The information provided on this website is compiled from multiple sources and credit is given where available or necessary. LCR claims that any opinions, statements, advice, or recommendations contained in this website are of LCR's combined information and are not to be considered legal, medical, or veterinarian advice, only opinions.

The official registration and financial information of Last Chance Ranch may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

9 Beck Road - Quakertown, PA 18951