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FACT: 350,000 people will die in the U.S. this year from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. That's just under 1,000 people a day...Would you know what to do?


Our certification classes are taught by EMT’s and Medical Professionals with over 35 years combined street experience. Using their skills to help others, they know what it’s like...and that makes our classes fun and interesting.


See class dates below!


Courses we teach...

CPR: Cardio Pulmonary Resucitation is the pumping and blowing you do to help keep oxygnated blood flowing through the body when someone is in cardiac arrest.

It's easy to learn and perform! A couple of hours of your time could save someone's life. And that's a great feeling!!!

AED: Also known as the ‘shocky thing’, the Automated External Defibrillator increases the survival rate and is easy to learn and use. You can find them in supermarkets, stores, schools, private industry and even in homes.

Using an AED can increase a person's survival rate to 60-80% -- up from the low of 12-15% with CPR alone.

Basic First Aid: Whether at work, home or play, people do get hurt.

Learn the basics for falls, breaks, bleeding, burns, shock, chest pains, diabeties, strokes and other medical emergencies.


We will be posting upcoming class dates here. If you're interested in getting information on hosting one, please contact us!


Isn't a few hours of your time worth a lifetime?


Got Questions? We've got answers...

Did you know?

On average, the brain can survive without oxygen for 4-6 minutes. After 8-10, brain cells begin to die, 10-12 minutes–irreversible brain damage...The national average for EMS response time from dispatch to on-location is 12-15 minutes.



CPR alone has a 12-15% survival rate if started right away...BUT! Through the proper and quick use of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), the survival rate can jump up to 60-80%!!!



Is Compression Only CPR a rumor...These instructions are offered by 911 Dispatchers.



Learning CPR and First Aid is easy and we make our classes fun!



How about hosting a CPR Pizza Party at your home for your family and friends...It's easy and makes learning fun!





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